ROOT IT COMPUTER was established in 2008 as the Information Technology company with the aim to provide trusted, high quality, genuine products and the healthy with friendly IT support outsource also customer consultancy in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

Our slogan is “Your Healthy IT Environment“. We focused on transparent IT Services for private customers and businesses in and around Phnom Penh for reasonable prices. We are care about your personal needs and wishes.

ROOT IT COMPUTER is committed to provide computer genuine products & IT support from small to medium businesses. If you need any help with your computer workstation, personal laptop or your office network hooked up, we are here for you always.


To provide trusted, high-quality IT outsourcing and consultancy services to customer while building up disadvantaged young people through high-level IT training in Cambodia.


We enhance our clients’ business by providing innovative and cost-effective technology solution, specialist advice, and IT consulting so they can focus on the things do best.

Company Over View

  • Dynamic and professional staff.
  • Quality and trustworthy services with good price.
  • We provide private standard rule installation.
  • Customer documents privacy.
  • We listening and understand what our client needs.
  • Give advisor the correct ways in using information system.
  • Time punctuality and keep inform.
  • Educate young and motivated Cambodians.


Our staff of expatriate advisors and Cambodian IT Technical and developers makes a well-rounded team delivering excellence. In providing a selected range of services, we are focused on what we do and perform at a high level. As a training company, we are always updated on best practices. Due to our commitment in ensuring quality, we work until we have maximized our knowledge and talent to satisfy our clients.


We provide our staff with continuous training so technical skills and customer service increase in an ongoing basis to meet the latest trends and technologies. Staff members also take the initiative to learn and improve their technical skills. Additionally, we provide other skills training, such as in administration and personal finance, in accordance with our values as a social business.

Our Activities

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About Us
About Us
About Us